Monday, October 5, 2009

5 Keys to gettting to Atlanta

Robbie Andreu has Five keys to UF's SEC run this season.
And No. 1 is our favorite:

1. Protect the franchise

In other words, protect Tim Tebow. When he comes back from his concussion (and it could be as soon as the LSU game this week), that big, veteran offensive line needs to take care of Tebow like never before. No blown assignments, no sacks, no blindside sacks on the quarterback. Whatever it takes, hold if you have to, but keep Tebow on his feet and away from as much contact as possible. There's no question, those fast, physical SEC defenses see Tebow as a target now. The coaching staff can do its part by taking some of the running responsibility off Tebow's plate. Tebow's the guy, and the Gators obviously need him to reach Atlanta.

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Photo: Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel

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