Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Bama love affair gets off to a rocky start

Just as it seems like everyone, and we mean nearly everyone and even here, has a story on how Alabama's Mark Ingram is now number one in the Heisman polls, over Tebow. (In case you didn't know, Alabama in its storied history has never had a Heisman winner.)

And despite stinking up Bryant-Denny field against South Carolina in similar fashion to the Gators and Arkansas, pundits are calling for Alabama to be No. 1 in the polls. In this cacophony, Steve Spurrier once again comes to the rescue:

While reviewing video of the Gamecocks' loss, Spurrier said Tuesday that it looked as if the Crimson Tide holder had put a small piece of white tape on the ground to spot PATs and field goals.

"I thought you just had to put it on the ground. But they had a little piece of white tape or something, and I looked at it on tape and I said, 'What's that little piece of white there?' Then after the guy kicked it he grabbed it and put it back in his pocket," Spurrier said. ...

Spurrier said he has no idea if what he thinks happened is legal.

"I've never seen that before," Spurrier said. "But I'm sure they've probably been doing it all year."

The NCAA football rulebook (Rule 6-3; Article 10; subsection d) says:

"Any device or material used to mark the spot of a scrimmage place kick or elevate the ball makes the kick illegal."

The penalty is "illegal kick" and is five yards from the previous spot.

Photo: Getty Images
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