Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Curlers in their hair

Franz Beard has a story at Gator Country which probably has one of the more inventive ways of saying that Gator fans suffer victory worse than anyone, as Pat Dooley is so fond of saying. And we agree. His point is that the national love affair has now shifted to Alabama, and the Gators are the girls in curlers.

But there's a whole lotta season left, a whole lot. We'll see how long the Bama love affair lasts too.

Blowouts are the preferred method of victory for Tim Tebow. “A lot less stressful and a lot less prayerful, too,” Tebow said at Monday’s press conference. Given the choice of rallying the Gators in the fourth quarter to that 23-20 win over Arkansas at The Swamp Saturday and a blowout, Tebow would have much preferred an early Homecoming celebration spent watching Johnny Brantley throw some darts to Frankie Hammond, Omarius Hines and T.J. Lawrence as the clock wound its way down.

Blowouts are indeed a lot less stressful and they’re extremely good for style points with the media, something the Florida Gators seem to be lacking these days, which has everything to do with why Alabama leapfrogged the Gators into the #1 position in the most recent Associated Press poll.

“All love affairs end. Eventually the girl is going to put curlers in her hair.” The late, great Al McGuire --- Hall of Fame basketball coach, television personality extraordinaire and sage street philosopher --- said that and when applied to college football and the AP poll, Alabama is the latest love affair while the Gators are the girl in curlers.

Photo: Al Messerschimdt/Getty Images
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