Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Even Brantley doesn't know yet....

Jeremy Fowler has more on the LSU phone number gate, but more importantly, Brantley doesn't know if he's starting or not. And there's more talk of wildcat action, but not with Haden. Propaganda or something new?

Even if Brantley has “no idea” if he’s starting Saturday, the Gators have contingency plans in place in case QB Tim Tebow (concussion) can’t play.

As Brantley takes the first-string reps while Tebow recovers, Florida has one or two players taking practice snaps out of the Wildcat formation. CB Joe Haden, a potential offensive weapon in the preseason, said he’s not one of them.

Brantley said coaches haven’t given him a deadline for when he knows he’s taking over the team. Tebow didn’t practice Monday and might not see action until Wednesday at the earliest.

“I would like to know. Just get my head in the right place, to know that I’m going in there starting…I think I am ready. A year ago I don’t know if I could have said that.”


Running backs coach Kenny Carter isn’t betting on that scenario.

“He’s Tim Tebow, and my money’s on him,” Carter said.

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