Monday, October 26, 2009

Eye Black smack talk - Dawgs are the enemy

A friend emailed us this thread, and it's pretty funny.

Tebow needs to switch to the Old Testament

  • Enough with this love thy neighbor stuff. It's time for Timmy to quote some scripture on his eye black that talks about SMITING people.

    How about going CONAN one weekend, TT? "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women!"

  • Yes, give Tebow a jawbone and let him play the role of Samson.

  • I'm actually kind of surprised how aggressive Tim is after a tough play. I've seen him do his share of jawing and pushing/shoving.

  • Would Lane Kiffin "volunteer" his jawbone? As I recall, Tebow would need the jawbone of an ass to play the role.

  • well, the other team is not exactly the enemy...... they usually have a group prayer following the game.

  • This thread is awesome. Tebow needs to reak vengence on the SEC.

  • since we are playing Georgia this week how about something related to the parting of the RED sea (particularly in the RED zone)

  • the scriptures are there for the viewers, not the opponents. wow. it's not like they are having a bible study on the sidelines
  • It's Georgia week of course they're the ENEMY!!!!

(If you want the whole thread, click here, but proceed with caution if you don't like smack talk. We shouldn't have to say this either.)

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