Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gator D vs LSU

We all hope Tim is back for the LSU game . We all have confidence in Johnny Brantley if he's called to start. But what we've heard very little about is the Gators' Mighty Defense. Assuming nothing had ever happened to Tebow, the game plan would still rely on a strong defense. And the Gators have that. Back in 2007, the defense was young, and likely a bit intimidated by the scene at Death Valley.

Joe Haden recounted his first trip to Death Valley to Gator Country, but also his confidence in this defense taking on LSU at home.

Then Florida freshman cornerback Joe Haden got a glimpse of the atmosphere he was about to experience on the bus ride to Tiger Stadium in 2007.

Louisiana State’s football fanatics stormed to the side of the Gators’ chartered bus and shook it, welcoming the team to an environment Haden still thinks is the craziest he has ever experienced.

“They were shaking our bus,” Haden said. “It was so loud there. It’s the toughest place that I’ve played at since I’ve been here.”...

A young Gator defense crumbled. Under the pressure of taking on the eventual national champions in their stadium, the defense couldn’t stop the Tigers on five fourth-down conversions as LSU rallied from a 24-14 deficit to a 28-24 victory.

Now two years later, the Gators don’t feel like there is a team in the country who could do that to them again.

“We feel there’s no way that can happen anymore unless our whole team just lays down, honestly,” Haden said. “We feel like if everybody does their job, there’s no way that should ever happen to us again.”

Photo: AP

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