Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gators are Happy to Win (Ugly)

The actual headline over at Gator Sports is "Gators are Happy to Win Ugly" but we thought the ugly deserves some parentheses.

Is it the Gators' game plan to win ugly? No.

Is it the Gators' game plan to win? Yes.

And in truth, we'll be glad when the game moves to JAX on Saturday, because we are quite frankly tired of hearing blasts of the Georgia fight song from the practice field. We saw various tweets that the Gators' practice had been rained out Tuesday. But we knew better, thanks to the intermittent blare of Dawg music, and to make it worse, over really bad loud speakers.

So here's a blurb from the story, but be aware Gator fans. The Gator football team has been hard at work at practice this week, and the Gator Nation in Gainesville has been uncomfortably aware of it. But it has been good practice for us too. At least Georgia's band will sound melodious compared to the racket the Gators have been practicing to.

At the moment, it's easy to find fault with No. 1 Florida, and a lot of the college football analysts and talking heads around the nation are doing just that.

The Gators are faltering in the red zone. They're turning the ball over. They're not scoring many points. They're barely getting by. They're ripe for a fall. And so on and so on.

In answer to their critics, the Gators are quick to point out the only thing that really matters.

They're 7-and-0.

"We always have an inclination to want to be perfect and we try to do that as an offense and have outstanding games," All-America quarterback Tim Tebow said. "More important than that, we're focusing on winning. If we're doing that, we're happy.

"Obviously, we want to get better, we want to continue to improve, which I think we're doing. As long as we keep winning games, that's the most important thing. The most important thing to remember is we're 7-0 and still have everything in front of us. All our goals are right there.

Photo: Gainesville Sun/Tricia Coyne
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