Monday, October 5, 2009

A Good Story on No News

This is probably the best recap of what it has been like for most of us waiting on news of Tim Tebow's return to play.

Our favorite excerpt:

Reporting on the concussion recovery status of star Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow is kind of like trying to go out to brunch on a Sunday afternoon at the only open joint in town.

To begin with, the wait is insufferable.

Standing in line, you find yourself sandwiched between the well to do church goers, the emotionally spent college football crowd, and the NFL fans eager to find a quick cure for hard partying of the previous night.

Once seated you find that the menu contains only one tasteless and unsatisfying entree—“Tim continues to rest and recover. He also undergoes daily testing and we continue to monitor the resolution of his symptoms.”

Full story, here.

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