Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heisman Pundit answers a few questions onTebow's chances to win a second Heisman

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We had three leaders coming into the season, and with Bradford checking out due to injury, and McCoy not shining as bright as they thought he would, that should leave at least Tim Tebow still standing. (And I am not really arguing that McCoy should really be out of it either, but everyone who has a vote has been pretty much ignoring him).

I am also okay if a few other players have gotten into the mix as I certainly don’t want the award determined before the season even starts.

However, for anyone to act as if Tim Tebow is NOT the man to beat, or that anyone else in the country is as good of a player as he is, leads me to only one conclusion, and that is that they really just don’t want to see him win it twice. After all, as of right now, if you had Tebow near the top of your list at the beginning of the season, then he should still be there as he hasn’t done anything to remove himself.


I agree, Travis. There are a lot of people out there who don’t want to see Tim Tebow win it twice. But it makes it easier for them to deny him when he isn’t dominating like he used to. In that regard, he’s sort of the victim of his own success. In the end, it may not come down to what he has or hasn’t done, but what others have or haven’t done by comparison. It doesn’t matter right now who leads the race, so I agree there’s really no reason to say that Tebow should be eliminated. As long as Heisman voters think he’s the man, that’s all that matters. It’s their prerogative. I compare guys like Tebow and McCoy to a couple of popular, critically-acclaimed television shows. We know the past seasons were fantastic, so even though the current season doesn’t quite have the same plot twists, we still tune in thinking it has the potential to be good. So we keep watching and waiting for the season to get better. If the finale doesn’t wow us, we can still change the channel to a new show (or a different player, so to speak).


If you look at Archie Griffin’s second Heisman season and the season Tim Tebow is having now, the similarities are starting to show.

If Florida keeps winning, the theme of the season will be his, and UF’s quest as a whole, to keep adding to their place amongst the greats of an era.


I agree that if Tebow is going to win, it will likely not be for his statistics, but rather his ability to connect with Heisman voters via his leadership and unique skill set (not to mention his team maybe going undefeated). Personally, though, I don’t think it’s going to be enough. It wasn’t enough last year, so why would it be this year? I think that Heisman voters prefer to vote for the fresh face when given a chance. It’s one of the reasons winning two Heismans is so difficult.

I’ll post soon on the comparisons between Tebow ‘09 and Griffin ‘75, though.

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