Saturday, October 10, 2009

He's Back!

It was an exciting game, but not a blow out, but how good is it to see Tebow back on the field? And making first downs again!

And how about that Gator D? Wow! What a defense!

Tebow's performance was more conservative than we are used to seeing, but this may be the first glimpse of the type of NFL player he'll be. He managed the offense, made the big play when needed, and was smarter about choosing which hits he'd give and take. This may well be the game that we see Tebow transform into a more mature and calculating QB.

Tebow didn't tie Herschel Walker's record yet, but the Gators have extended their winning streak to 15.

And how great was it to see both Tebow and Spikes named players of the game!

Geaux Gators!

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