Thursday, October 8, 2009

James Bates on the Pat Dooley Show

When we were kids, we wanted to be James Bates. He was actually Danny Wuerffel's "Bizarro" and if you ever saw them walking together, and we did once, they looked so alike. But James Bates is a bit different than Danny, and not just because he played defense, and if you ever saw the James Bates' show, you know what we mean. We also sat behind him, and his girlfriend, at Titanic and we were so awestruck that it got us through that marathon. (And he seemed to hate the movie, and we loved him even more for that too) So moving on...

James Bates gives up interesting details on Urban Meyer (he has great "emoticons"), but he also talks about having had a concussion. His interview begins at the 6:15 mark. Enjoy.

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