Thursday, October 1, 2009

No New Tebow Update

There is nothing new to report on Tim Tebow's condition. The usual sources are recycling yesterday's news. There's a lot of punditry speculating on his condition, whether he will play or not in the LSU game, and if he should even play in the LSU game.

We are not particularly interested in rehashing what pundits think about what might be going on in the minds of the Gators' coaching staff. And even more troubling has been the speculation that Bob and Pam Tebow, Coach Meyer, and the Florida Medical staff are all going to ignore Tim's health and rush him back on to the field. We think that is an insult to them all.

What we all know is that he still has a headache, he's resting, is eating well, is in good humor, and is still undergoing tests on a day to day basis. He will be able to return to practice or play seven days after all symptoms have ceased.

When we hear something new and definitive, we'll post it. But otherwise, we're not going to pass on recycled opinions and speculation.

We hope you understand.

Photo: Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel
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