Thursday, October 29, 2009

The numbers that separate Herschel Walker and Tim Tebow

First, Dan Shanoff crunches the numbers on how both Herschel Walker and Tim Tebow arrived at 49 rushing touchdowns. But this time, not by years, but in the number of attempts:

Actually, I'd argue that Georgia fans don't want to go there. Here's why:

In those "only three" years, Herschel Walker had 994 rushing attempts: 274 as a freshman, 385 as a sophomore, 335 as a junior. His 49 TDs came at a rate of 1 TD per 20 carries.

In 3.5 seasons -- and let's end this "4" bunk, because Tebow has only played half a season this year and was a part-time player as a freshman, as you'll see -- Tim Tebow has had 596 rushing attempts: 89 as a freshman, 210 as a sophomore, 176 as a junior, 121 as a senior.

Tebow's 49 TDs came at a rate of one TD for every 12 rushing attempts.

But perhaps a little more important to the overall discussion, is that stats from bowl games were not counted until 2002, and Herschel Walker had an additonal 5 TDs in bowl games. It is entirely conceivable that Tebow will be able to get six more rushing TDs (55) this season to overtake Herschel Walker's overall rushing TD record.

Finally, how many TDs has Walker thrown? Not to diminish his importance and sheer athletic skill, but for a QB who normally stays in the pocket, think Manning and Brady, to run that many TDs is phenomenal. And if it was that easy, then why is Tebow the first, and only, 20 - 20 player in the history of the game?

Finally, now that Tebow has broken through the 20-20 barrier, will more do so knowing that it is now possible? If so, let's hope it's another Florida QB to do so, and especially if he is the "son of a preacher man."

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