Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Old Man Mullen

Here's yet another story on Dan Mullen and Tim Tebow. Below are the two bits we liked most:

1. "What makes Tim a special person is for a guy his age to have his priorities in life in order and what's important to him in life - obviously, he's a tremendous student in the classroom, he has tremendous convictions," Mullen said. "I think Tim Tebow is someone who lives his life trying to improve the lives of people around him. That's what makes people special and that's what makes him special."

2. "Players never actually beat him because he's so old and he knows all those old players and stuff," Tebow said. Mullen's wife, Megan, agrees."Yeah, because Dan's an old man," she said, laughing. " ... On Sunday, Mullen, 37, called Tebow "the greatest player in the history of the game."

We'd like to see Tebow tell Brett Favre that he's an "old man" to his face ... just saying, because as fans, we hope to see Tebow play until he's an "old man" too.

Full story here.

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