Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One of Tebow's Doctors Talks Concussions and game day decisions

Dr Bayard Miller, of Shands and one of Tebow's attending physicians, talks concussions with the Orlando Sentinel. Money quote:

Bayard believes that if an athlete passes all his recovery tests and becomes medically cleared to play, his risk is probably no greater playing in a game one week as opposed to the next.

In Tebow's case, that could mean that the LSU game isn't more dangerous than the Arkansas game the next week, or even Georgia in late October. The risk of another concussion will always be a little higher once you suffer the first, Miller said.

“Once someone is fully recovered, the risk is not significantly different whether they return in two weeks after the concussion or one month," Miller said. “The issue is anybody who has had a concussion has increased risk whether it’s 10 days after or six months after."

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