Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Practice? Today?

News reports are that Tebow has practiced TODAY, Tuesday.
But the Gators haven't practiced yet today (3:00). Unless it depends on what your definition of "practice" is.... They should be going to practice now.

Tebow was at practice on Tuesday. Asked what steps are today and what hurdles Tebow has to clear, Meyer said, "I don't know. It's either practice or don't practice. Play or don't play. ... I don't know that right now until they say, practice or don't practice."

And if our friends over at the J-school wouldn't mind wandering over and seeing if they can spot the red 15 jersey, we'd appreciate it.


Joe Schad is tweeting again, but what is conspicuous in its absence is the Schad twit pic. Schad's jumping on the bandwagon again.

We're waiting for visual confirmation of Tebow actually practicing at practice. Not just dressed out.

thanks for your patience.

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