Monday, October 26, 2009

Real Tebow acts "Bizarro" skips press conference

Tebow missed his first post game press conference, and the media is all in a tizzy. Why? Why? Why? is all we heard Sunday. We don't know. Maybe we'll all hear at the Monday press conference later today.

ESPN's Chris Low suggests that Tebow "man-up" despite being "the epitome of a man" and face the press after he threw two interceptions. But wait, he also tied Herschel Walker's record.

Hmm, and how does one man up if they are the sheer embodiment "of a man"? Doesn't seem possible, much less reasonable to ask it. (We think we may return to this very discussion when the Heisman voting rolls around in a few weeks, but we digress...)

But here was our favorite take on Tebow's "no show" from CBS' Gary Parrish:

But Tebow has had bad games before (even if they are few and far between), and yet nobody could recall another game after which the former (and future?) Heisman Trophy winner declined to speak with reporters.

It was surprising and uncharacteristic.

(In fairness to Tebow, he did spend a good long while taking pictures and signing autographs for fans, working the rope like a politician. Men, women and children shouted his name as he made his way to the bus, loud enough to where it could be heard hundreds of yards away. It confirmed Tebow's status as the only collegiate athlete who is treated like a rockstar on his campus and every other campus he visits, but I digress.)

We have a wait and see policy on these matters. And we have a feeling that Chris Low maybe should've waited before suggesting Tebow "man up." Hopefully Tebow will take it out on the Dawgs this Saturday.

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