Saturday, October 24, 2009

Robbie Andreu Picks Florida, but cautiously

Robbie Andreu has seen alot of Gator football, but in all of his trips to Starkville, he's never seen a Gator victory there. Nevertheless, he picks the Gators to win, just not by much.

The strangest game was the 47-35 loss in 2000. That got weird right from the start. MSU won the coin toss, elected to defer, and Florida captain Marquand Manuel elected to kickoff for some reason. That meant the Bulldogs got the ball to start both halves. It went downhill from there. The lowlights included Spurrier punting on third down and tailback Robert Gillespie getting penalized for unsportsmanlike after directing the UF pep band after he scored a touchdown. ...

MSU had a chance to beat LSU at Scott Field earlier in the season. The Bulldogs will have a chance to beat Florida.

This is a game that will be in doubt going into the fourth quarter. The way the UF offense is playing, it’s probably going to be this way the rest of the season, with the exception of the FIU game.

I’m going with Florida, but it’s a very shaky call.

Prediction: Florida 27, Mississippi State 17

UPDATE: Final, Florida 29, Mississippi State 19

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