Monday, October 26, 2009

Rules and Officiating, SEC style

UPDATE: Both Lane Kiffin and Dan Mullen have both been reprimanded for their comments by the SEC Commissioner, Mike Slive.

Dan Mullen
is pretty mad at the replay official who gave the final word on the Dustin Doe TD, and is calling for his head.

Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen called for disciplinary action against the Southeastern Conference replay official who worked the Bulldogs' 29-19 loss to Florida after a Gators touchdown that might have been a fumble was not overturned.

Mullen said Sunday it's understandable if a field official makes a mistake because of the speed of the game, but the replay official can take his time and should be held accountable.

"I don't even know why we have replay right now in the Southeastern Conference if they're not going to utilize it," Mullen said.

"That's twice now that they've blown calls on the replay with our games, resulting in big plays, and I think that's unexcusable for that official. I hope he's severely punished if he ever works another SEC game again, because I think it's completely unacceptable."

What Coach Mullen seems to have overlooked is his school's blatant disregard of SEC rules banning "artificial noise makers", i.e. illegal cow bells, at games and improper use of the audio over the loud speakers during games.

Yeah, it was a bad call, but programs living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones too quickly. Abide by the SEC's rules first, then ask. Otherwise, SEC officials might be more careful in their application of the rulebook.

And while we're on the subject, yes Mr. Kiffin, "Florida and Alabama live on." We thought you enjoyed a good moral victory, or two.

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