Thursday, October 1, 2009

SEC Championship Game > BCS National Championship Game?

The SEC's top players seem to think so. Matt Hayes has the story:

SEC football is ... like a BCS title game every week

In 11 seasons with the BCS , the SEC has won five national titles—including four of the last six (two each by Florida and LSU). Sporting News asked two Gators and two Tigers about how league play prepares them for bigger things:

Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU: "If you make it through what we go through week by week and you win the SEC championship, you almost expect to play in the national championship game. And if you get there, you're prepared for anything because of what you go through week after week in our league."

Tim Tebow, QB, Florida: "I'm sure other guys think their conferences are the best, and there's nothing wrong with that. But until you've played in this league—until you've gone through what we go through with the players in this league and the championship coaches and the tough road games—it's hard to understand it. We feel like if we can win the SEC, we can play in the national championship game."

Charles Scott, RB, LSU: "Our No. 1 goal is winning the SEC. Once you get that, the rest is easy."

Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida: "I can remember thinking after we won (the SEC) last year, how can any game be harder than this? If you win the SEC, you've done something. It gives you a lot of confidence going into that national championship game."

— Matt Hayes

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