Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SEC Officials admit to getting call wrong

Two weeks ago our challenge to our readers was to "admit you were wrong" as our Sunday Challenge. In it, we cited the poor play calling in the Tennessee game as part of what gave us the idea to issue the challenge.

But after sitting in the heat and watching the Florida-Tennessee game with all its ups and downs, and horrific officiating, and pre and post-game trash talking, we are going to suggest today that we all learn to admit when we're wrong ... Then there was the officiating. It was almost like the old days. We hope Urban Meyer takes one from the Ol' Ball Coach's play book on this one and sends a "highlight" tape to Mike Slive, the SEC Commissioner, regarding this week's refs. We have no expectation that anyone will admit to being wrong on this one, but we'd like to just put it out there.

So, after more bad officiating, and a national outcry on the "unsportsmanlike conduct" penalties in the LSU - Georgia game, SEC officials have had to state publicly that it was a bad call. Not exactly an apology, but here's what they said:

Rogers Redding, the SEC's coordinator of officials, said a video review of the play from a different angle than the official had showed Green didn't do anything improper after making a brilliant catch on a 16-yard touchdown pass, which gave Georgia a 13-12 lead with 1:09 remaining.

"The video doesn't support what the official called," Redding said. "He was celebrating with his teammates, which is fine. The officials were trying to herd them up and get them to the sideline, and what the official reacted to was the player coming out from that group of teammates and making what appeared to be a gesture to the crowd." ...

Two other such calls were made in the LSU-Georgia game, including one on Scott after his winning TD.

Redding said his video review of the other penalties showed they were both justified, though Scott said he was merely pointing at the sky to give credit "to the Lord" -- not gesturing toward the crowd.

This may truly be a historic season after all.

For the whole story, click here.

Photo: 2008 LSU-USC game

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