Thursday, October 1, 2009

Should Tim Tebow wear a helmet on his scooter?

Long time readers of our short lived blog on Tebow's Eye Black know that his NOT wearing a helmet on his scooter is one of our few, but biggest, criticisms of Mr. Tebow. And of Coach Meyer for not requiring his players to wear helmets on their scooters after the death of a Gator football player in a motorcycle accident in 2007.

This time Nathan Crabbe has picked up where we, and Pat Dooley, have left off.

The University of Florida’s campaign to encourage students to wear helmets on scooters comes at an interesting time.

UF’s most famous student, Gator quarterback Tim Tebow, has been photographed on campus riding his scooter without a helmet. As he recovers from a concussion, one wonders if he’ll change his ways.

The safety campaign kicks off Thursday at 6 p.m. with a performance by Gainesville musician Chris McCarty at the Reitz Union Amphitheater. The Shands trauma unit will have an information booth there and scooter helmets will be raffled off.

UF student Ashley Groves will be sharing the story of her scooter accident during the campaign. She collided with an SUV in 2007, missing six months of class with a traumatic brain injury. A helmet might have prevented the injury.

UF now requires its employees to wear helmets when riding on scooters or bikes while on official business. UF President Bernie Machen has led the way, wearing an orange helmet when he rides his electric bike to campus.

Should Tebow do the same?


Please Tebow, get a helmet!

And we know you can do it, because you wore one in Croatia:

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