Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SI Cover Story: Nobody Does it Better

This is a good piece on SEC football, but as fans of NOLA and Louisiana, we liked this section in particular,

If you suffer from allergies and struggle with the scent of lavender or Passion by Elizabeth Taylor, be warned. These people will knock you to your knees.

It's the day before the Florida game, and 650 of them have crowded into a downtown Baton Rouge hotel. They are all wearing purple and gold. Purple-and-gold dresses, purple-and-gold pantsuits, purple-and-gold blazers. Some have purple-and-gold shoes. Still others wear diamond pins and brooches that say lsu. Their charm bracelets rattle with silver tiger heads.

You've seen that glazed look before. Are they members of a cult?

Whole story here.

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