Monday, October 12, 2009

Tebow Monday Press Conference

Ben Volin has the full Q&A, but the money quote regards Steve Young:

Did any current or former NFL players reach out to you with advice?
I could name a lot of people. The one person who really gave me a lot of encouragement, and I talked to several times, was Steve Young. He’s went through it a lot with concussions, and he was very kind in reaching out to me and talking to me. So he just gave me different things that could possibly help with it, getting back and just encouraging me, which was very kind of him to do. It’s something he didn’t have to do, but I really appreciate it.

He was also encouraging me not to push it and different things that would help, as far as sleeping, just resting your mind, doing things, not pushing it. Something big he said, what I do is you always want to go run a sprint, see how it feels. Well, then you’re taking a little step back. He said, ‘Just take time off, and then when they say do your tests, then you’re OK. Don’t keep testing yourself.’ And that was something, I’m kind of a competitor, so I like to do that. But just let yourself rest and you’ll be back soon enough


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