Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tebow on playing Arkansas, etc.

Below are excerpts from Tim Tebow's Monday presser. The full transcript is here, and covers his thoughts on his concussion, the LSU game, and his possible NFL draft stock.

Q: Do you believe there is such a thing as a trap game?
A: “I think you’re dealing with 18- to 22- year olds, so if you don’t have a lot of good leadership and a lot of focus on your team, I think you can have letdowns. That happens all the time in college football. You have a more talented team that loses to a team that should never beat them. That happens a lot. Not that we’re in one, because Arkansas could definitely beat us. They have a great team, lot of great players, a good coach. That’s not a trap game. That’s a competitive game in my opinion. Yes, I do believe you can have letdowns and teams can go out there not focused, not the same intensity and let up and not play like they could have.”

Q: Was Ole Miss a trap game last year?
A: “I don’t think we went in there mentally focused enough. We could have handled it better, you saw when it kind of got down to the fourth quarter, we started – Oh my gosh, this is really gonna happen – our team kind of changed its gear to get back and it was a little too late. That’s obviously something that’s very frustrating. It’s been frustrating for a while. I think we could have went in there with a different mindset. Were we as focused for that game as we were for Georgia? No.”

Q: As a leader after an emotional game like LSU, how do you keep it going?
A: “You start on Tuesday by showing a lot of intensity. Vs LSU, I don’t have to go out there in practice with any intensity, everybody is. That’s nothing new. Everybody knows. You see it’s just a different environment. After emotional win like that, you’re going to come back. People are going to be a little exhausted from it. As a leader, me and Spikes and the leaders have to really show how important the next week is with emotion, with getting guys going, with playing fast, with having enthusiasm in practice.”

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