Monday, October 26, 2009

Tebow skipped interviews to hang with Mullen

Mark Long of the AP is reporting/tweeting that Tebow skipped the post game interviews at Mississippi State so he could spend time with Dan Mullen. And what did they talk about?
Tebow says Mullen told him to "go win another title."

Fair enough. But enjoy it, because once you're in the NFL you have to talk to them.

And is that "man" enough for Low? and Bianchi?
It wasn't for Dan Shanoff, Mr. TimTeblog.

Update (sorta): Chris Low fails to weigh in on Tebow's not going to the post game presser.

Final Update: Chris Low forgives Timmy: "Tim, you’re forgiven. Everybody has a bad day … even Superman."

Photo: Getty Images
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