Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tebow vs. Mullen

This week's game should probably feel a little strange, but after you've seen Steve Spurrier standing on the visitor's sidelines at Florida Field, seeing Dan Mullen on Mississippi State's sidelines is not quite so unimaginable. Anyway, here's what Tebow had to say about it Monday.

"It's going to be strange to see him on the other sideline," Tebow said.

"My relationship with Coach Mullen grew throughout the three years," Tebow said. "It's a great relationship that took three years to grow. We were really close. We still talk. I talk to his wife. I talked to him quite a bit this summer. He called to make sure I was doing OK after the concussion (in the Kentucky game).

"He still cares about me. We have a close relationship. I'm happy for him and the opportunity he has as a head coach. I'm happy he was able to get that job and is having some success."

Robbie Andreu has the full story here.

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