Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tebow walking to practice

Like the rest of the Gator nation, we have been anxious to hear news of Tim Tebow's return. We also live in Gainesville, and even within easy walking distance of both the stadium and the practice field. We acknowledge that we made the joke for someone to wander over to the practice field to see if they could see the red 15 jersey, but it was a joke, because the idea is absurd. But that seems to be just what ESPN did.

Does anyone else find it a bit creepy that ESPN had a camera guy staked out at Florida Field to get footage of Tebow walking? Or does ESPN know that the greater public doesn't really trust Joe Schad's reporting without visual proof? (And is that why he twit pics so often?)

Either way, is Tim Tebow walking to practice really news to anyone other than the Gator faithful, and the LSU game planners? Or is this a sign of his impending "super stardom"?

Let's all chalk it up to how important it is when one SEC powerhouse plays another, and leave it at that.

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