Monday, October 26, 2009

Tebow's Non Post Game Interview at Miss St.

Jeremy Fowler has Tebow's full quote here, and Fowler seems to doubt Tebow's answer, but we'll get back to that:

Florida QB Tim Tebow said offensive frustration wasn't the reason he failed to conduct a post-game interview after Saturday's win over Mississippi State.

Seeing old friends and attending a post-game team meeting took precedence.

“There was a lot of other things I wanted to do," Tebow said. "Not that this isn’t important. I’ve always been very courteous to do that. And I’m sorry I didn’t see y'all. But I wanted to see coach (Dan) Mullen. I wanted to go see my family, I had a lot of friends at the game…We were in meetings for a little bit after the game there talking. It’s not like we got out quickly either.”

This was Tebow's first post-game snub as a healthy Gators starter. He missed the Kentucky game after suffering a concussion. Tebow happened to not talk on the same night he played arguably his worst passing game as a Gator.

Photo: AP/Butch Dill

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