Friday, October 9, 2009

Tim Tebow: Hot media topic

Even though this is a "Tim Tebow" blog, we find all the Tebow attention funny, even at times absurd. We're Gator fans, and he's our guy. But sometimes we lose sight that anyone else is interested. That is until ESPN shows up and camps out for a week. And to be honest, the only thing we're surprised not to have seen in the news coverage this week, was more analysis of the reemergence of Timmy's beard and what this means in terms of his overall condition.

Here's a good recap of all the media attention over the past two weeks:

Some political campaigns don’t get this much attention.

Since Tim Tebow went down with a concussion on Sept. 26, he has been one of the most popular searches on Google, one of the most mentioned names in blogs and even mentioned on the major network news channels.

And while the coverage will help spread the concern about concussions, it’s also increased Tebow’s celebrity status, FOX Sports college football analyst Charles Davis said.

“I think it’s fairly simple on the surface,” Davis said. “The guy has won a Heisman, the guy has been a part of two national championships, an integral part, not just on the periphery. The guy is kind of a larger than life figure in the college football world.

“Coupled with his professed Christianity, his platform, what he does in the offseason, you throw it all together, people who aren’t even true college football fans know who Tim Tebow is. You’re not talking about the average Joe.”

Tebow was part of the top three Google searches on Sept. 26, the day he suffered a concussion against Kentucky, eight of the Top 40 most searched topics that day, according to Google Trends. But the national public’s concern with Tebow was short lived. By the next day only one query in Google’s Top 40 most popular topics involved Tebow and it was the 39th-most searched subject.

Tebow’s condition and the question of whether or not he will play Saturday against LSU has become one of, if not the most talked-about sports topic of the last two weeks. Sports Illustrated’s Web site,, had a “Tebow Watch” on its homepage last week. The magazine’s weekly back-page article, Point After, was about whether or not Tebow should play this week.

ESPN sent a reporter, Tom Rinaldi, to Gainesville this week to cover the story, and has made Tebow a main topic on all their mediums.

Tebow was mentioned 1,178 times in blogs on Sept. 27, the day after his injury, according to, and six times on national news broadcasts, according to TV Trends on

Photo: Tricia Coyne/Gainesville Sun
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