Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tragedy gives perspective

Mike Bianchi has the heartbreaking story on the injury of Breanna McMahon. In short, she was critically injured in an accident at a car wash to raise money for her soccer team. She is currently in critical condition in an induced coma, after losing one of her legs.

Her family has asked the following of us all, and it is a very simple request:

At high school football games throughout the county tonight, donations will be taken and prayers will be said.

Except there won't be a traditional moment of silence.

Bree's family doesn't want that.

In honor of Bree, they want us all to pull out our cell phones and send a text-message to someone we love.

Text your kid. Text your mom. Text your husband or wife.

And make sure to text anybody you know who is consumed with his team's injury report.

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