Monday, October 26, 2009

Unrealistic Expectations?

ESPN has this on their College Football front page:

Dear 2009 college football season: After much hype for both the title and Heisman race, you are not who we thought you were.

It seems the love affair is over. Now the entire 2009 football season is wearing curlers...

And whose fault is that? Are teams and players responsible for living up to the unrealistic expectations of talking heads and pundits, and fans who have never played or coached a game, and whose sense of reality is skewed by playing Madden for hours on end?

Sorry, but that's football. Glorious, sloppy football. Some things are hard fought, and hard won. It's not pretty. It's nerve wracking. But that's football.

And here are the sad facts Gator fans.

  • The Gators are defending national champions, second in three years
  • The Gators are 7-0 in the SEC
  • The Gators have a 17 game winning streak

Sorry it's not pretty. But that's football, more often than not.

And just think, it could be worse. We could be enjoying another moral victory this week.

And if you still want to feel disappointed, you can commiserate with ESPN here.

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