Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urban Meyer Monday Conference

Q&A portion of Coach Meyer's Monday press conference discussing the Arkansas game. Excerpts below. Full story here.

Media: What did you see on film as the problems?

Meyer: The wrist above the elbow is the thing. Chris Rainey probably scores as that was an unbelievable move on that play. Someone said it was a freak fumble...no, if he was really tight with the football, it was an ESPN play. It's just taking care of the football. We are going to be nuts this week in practice about it.

“It was actually great film for the players to watch. It wasn't just balls on the ground. Deonte Thompson caught a beautiful 77-yard touchdown and he was running like (this). Old habits tend to show up and that is coaching. Our position coaches are responsible for that.”

“That is the number one thing. The two areas we have been very good at over the years are turnovers and red zone. ...they are critical.”

Media: You mentioned after the game that Tim was holding onto the ball too long?

Meyer: “ (Right) after the game, I felt...'throw the ball'. After watching the film, there were a couple of mistakes in protection we need to help him out with. He is playing at a very high level. Statistically, with everything he has had to deal with and we have health and injury wise, he may not be off the charts. But, how do evaluate a quarterback? A winner and efficiency...find me one better than Tim.

“When Tim holds the ball, is he waiting on Riley and Aaron to open up and not trusting the others?

“What is happening is teams have worked real hard at coming after our protections a little bit. On Saturday, we had guys open, there were guys open, we just had some protection issues.”

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