Friday, October 23, 2009

Urban Meyer on playing Dan Mullen

Urban Meyer wants to make it clear that Florida’s game with Mississippi State on Saturday isn’t about Dan Mullen.

MSU’s coach will be calling plays. He won’t be making tackles. He won’t be throwing balls.

The story lines surrounding Florida’s current coach visiting his former offensive coordinator have overshadowed the fact that Florida’s players will be playing MSU’s players.

“There’s no emphasis on Dan Mullen,” Meyer said during Wednesday’s SEC coaches call. “There’s no issue at all with the coaches. There’s respect, but there’s no issue at all.

“There’s no, ‘Let’s go beat Dan Mullen.’ We don’t do that.”

What the Gators will try to do is stop an offense that will look eerily similar to their own. Complete with shotgun formations, draw plays and option reads.

“The option on offense is a pain in the butt (to defend),” Meyer said.

Senior cornerback Markihe Anderson said he expects to see an identical offense to what Florida has run in the past.

“It’s exactly the same thing we ran,” Anderson said. “Everything’s the same. As we watch film, we’re just watching how our offense plays.”

Another thing concerning Meyer is MSU’s defense. The Bulldogs are ninth in the SEC in total defense, giving up 354 yards a game, but what troubles Meyer are the defensive looks he expects Mullen to show him.

“Their defense is doing everything that’s been an issue for us … when Dan was here at Florida,” he said. “Especially, the last couple years.”

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