Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urban Meyer states his confidence in Addazio

With multiple stories floating around about Urban Meyer and Dan Mullen meeting for the first time as opponents, combined with the lackluster play of the offense last week, we like to see that Coach Meyer has confidence in this team and his staff. (Even though it is buried at the end of the story.)

Meyer scoffed when it was suggested that Addazio has too many balls to juggle on game day.

“You forgot to add they’re leading the league in rushing, leading the league in scoring — you forgot those minor details,” Meyer said. “Ball security, I think I’ll put him in charge of that next. That’s how good a job he does.”

“I’m very pleased with what coach Addazio is doing. Doing a heck of a job.”

If anything is to blame for the Gators’ perceived struggles, Meyer said, it’s the extremely high expectations around the football facility. This year has been championship-or-bust for the Gators since the moment Tebow announced he was coming back for one more season.

“A lot of pressure on this team to perform on a very high level — on these coaches, on the trainers, on the weight coaches, on the secretaries, on everyone associated with our program, a lot of pressure,” Meyer said. “And I love that.”

Photo: AP
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