Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where's Tebow's Smile?

Buddy Martin wants to know, and we know more than a few of you do too.

When he first arrived in town, his face was the epitome of happiness, adorned with a perpetual smile. He yessired and nosirred his elders to death, spoke in glowing terms of playing for The Mighty Gators and brought a joie d’ vivre to the game the likes that had never been seen in these parts.

Tim Tebow felt lucky to be playing football and made you feel lucky to be among the number to watch him. In our wildest imagination, even if he had been computer-enhanced by Hollywood, we never dreamed we should behold such a football player in a Gator uniform.

For 48 games he has toiled fearlessly and tirelessly, his remarkable feats ratcheting up the fortunes of Gator football, lifting the spirits of The Gator Nation to soaring heights and raising expectations to a Disney-like fantasy.

Only I don’t see that boyish smile we have come to know nearly as much. And as Tebow is winding down his final days in orange and blue, playing four of his last five regular season games on state soil, what a shame it is that the player who has brought us all so much joy doesn’t seem to be harvesting the fruit that he has seeded so spectacularly and that he so richly deserves.

We all want to see Tim Tebow smiling again, especially on his farewell tour.

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Photo: AP
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