Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another list, this time on Gator Drama

There's no way getting around this week's drama surrounding the Gators, any more so than getting past each week's drama. You can say this, it has been a fun season. Below is a list of the weekly drama for the Gators by the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler. Our additions are in italics:

Preseason: Lofty talk of going undefeated and unreal expectations. Tebow's beard, glasses, and the GQ article.

Week 1: Tebow's phantom back injury, and the beard again.

Week 2: Tebow's new eye black verses, and will they be banned?

Week 3: Lane Kiffin drama

Week 4: More Kiffin drama (post-game comments), flu outbreak, Tebow's concussion

Week 5 (bye): More flu outbreaks, Tebow concussion mania

Week 6: Tebow's return, will John Brantley play? Should Tebow even be on the field? The emergence of Bizarro Tebow.

Week 7: Arkansas? Almost lost to Arkansas?

Week 8: The heated locker room in Starkville, explosive 30-minute team meeting.

Week 9: What's wrong with the red-zone offense? The team responds loudly against Georgia, brings in Billy Donovan to speak. More Kiffin, and even Mullen.

Week 10: Brandon Spikes' GougeGate (must we put gate on every incident of significance? Yet it always works).