Thursday, November 19, 2009

BCS launches Facebook page, uses Tebow's image

The BCS launched its Facebook page and guess who's image is there front and center? Timmy T.

And the BCS FB page has already turned into a forum against the BCS. The current status of the BCS page:

Inside the BCS First, we welcome and respect everyone’s views, whether for or against the BCS, so long as they are expressed appropriately. In that light, let me ask those who prefer a playoff these questions: using today’s standings, which 8 teams would be in a playoff, how are they selected & seeded, where are games played, and when? This should be fun, and that’s what this page is supposed to be. -- Bill Hancock

And they've quoted Urban Meyer on their new twitter page:

"(The BCS) has been great for college football. It's not perfect, but it has been great for college football."-FL coach Urban Meyer 10/7/08"

How fun is this?! Hey Gators, let your voices be heard.

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