Monday, November 23, 2009

Bowden "preparing" for Florida

We've no doubt that the Seminoles are indeed preparing to take on the Gators, and would love to disrupt the Gators perfect season as much as we Gators still relish that Doak-Campbell stadium is at Ron Zook field. But who's kidding who by implying that Bobby Bowden is actually "preparing" for the Gators?

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden can't wait to play against Tim Tebow - for the final time.

Bowden began preparations Sunday for top-ranked Florida and its Heisman Trophy quarterback, who Bowden ranks among college football's all-time great players.

Bowden, whose Seminoles are winless against the Gators since 2003, described the muscular 245-Tebow as the rare combination of a fullback and nifty quarterback.

Sorry, don't believe it.

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