Monday, November 2, 2009

Brandon Spikes suspended for eye gouging

Brandon Spikes has been suspended for "gouging" a Georgia player in the eyes for the first half of the Vandy game next week.

We agree that Spikes should be suspended, but for a half seems strange. And we still want to know about Georgia's players who did the same thing. Is there only partial accountability on this one? Apparently, we are in agreement with Tebow (“I don’t think that we did anything in that game that they didn’t do,” Tebow said. “You can see on the film, too. It was an intense game.”)

The Bull Gator
has more perspective:

Now that that’s out of the way, if Spikes did intentionally go after Ealey’s peepers, there needs to be some sort of discipline associated with his actions. I’ve heard that during pileups, a number of things go on that aren’t exactly legal when it comes to the course of a regular game. Pulling, poking, grabbing, biting, etc. Obviously there’s no way to verify what really goes on…unless you have it on video tape.

It’s hard to tell if what Spikes did was done on purpose, but being objective, it doesn’t look good. I’m sure the tape will be reviewed and Urban Meyer has already mentioned having a talk with the linebacker. That sort of play shouldn’t be condoned. It brings you down to the level of the teams that rely on dirty tactics on a regular basis. Florida isn’t one of those teams. Critics may say otherwise, but orange and blue glasses aside, the Gators – and many of the nation’s top programs – don’t play dirty. A late hit here and there will happen. A facemask can occur due to the speed of the game. Going after someone like this is a different animal altogether.

As a Gator fan, I’ll keep my fingers crossed it wasn’t intentional. As a college football fan, Spikes needs some kind of suspension for his actions if it was.

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