Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do-over Tuesday

We were going to call Tuesday a "do-over" and try and start over and actually celebrate the Gators' 41-17 victory over Georgia, but the Bull Gator totally gate-crashed our party with his "Dirty Play Cheat Sheet"!

Below is a brief glimpse to whet your appetite, but believe us, No. 1 alone makes it worth your trouble!

A certain writer for a certain website stated on Twitter that Brandon Spikes’ eye gouge was unquestionably worse than LeGarrette Blount’s sucker punch. Having the inquisitive mind that I do, I asked how so and got the following response: “Because eye-gouging is worse, way worse, than sucker punching someone in the head. Not talking about fighting the fans.” There must be a hidden justification in there somewhere, but if there is or if there isn’t, we need a dirty play cheat sheet so we can act accordingly when unacceptable situations present themselves. Being that I’m not a disciplinarian of any kind and have no authority to suspend anyone other than the players on my XBOX, I figured I’m just as qualified as the next guy. So with some help from KP , here you go, in order of severity from calling someone a big, bad meanie to pushing them off a cliff.

20. Taking a swing at someone with a helmet on (the least severe due the lack of thinking it takes to attempt to punch someone wearing protective headgear).
19. Bad trash talk (at least make it good and/or funny).
18. Accusing someone of shooting your mama ala Alvin Mack.
17. Horse collar (due to injury potential).
16. Facemask.
15. Intentional ankle/knee twisting.

And we'd move number 11 to somewhere inside the top five.

Full list here!

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