Monday, November 2, 2009

"Evil Tim Tebow" wins one for the Alligator Army

We don't think it was "Bizzaro Tebow" or "Evil Tim Tebow" that showed up on Saturday and gave it to the Dawgs. But first, here's what Alligator Army is attributing to "Evil Tim Tebow":

Not even black helmets could stop Tim Tebow today, as the Gators rolled Georgia 41-17, putting UF six wins away from a fourth National Championship. We can make a statement like that because Florida's win was a demolition from each unit; from Caleb Sturgis 56 yard field goal to UF's linebacker corps forcing four turnovers. They truly played like a National Championship team. But it always begins and ends with Tebow. Today, we finally saw that other side of our quarterback; Evil Tim Tebow.

It was just plain ol' Tim Tebow who won on Saturday and scooped two records. And in case you missed it yesterday, Tebow doesn't need to be "evil" or even "Bizzaro" to play like a beast. He just needs to be himself, or put another way, he just needs to keep on being the "epitome of a man."

Photo: Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel

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