Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gators to wear new uniform against FSU

Say it ain't so!

Why would UF let Nike change the uniform design for Tim Tebow's and the senior's final home game? Especially the helmet design?! The orange Gators helmet is iconic. (and don't email us the answer, because we know it is for the money....)

Full story here.

Tim Tebow will play his last game in The Swamp in something other than the traditional uniform he's rocked for most of the last four years. The image to the left is a leaked online version of what appears to be Florida's uniform for the Nov. 28 game against Florida State as part of a 10-team Nike Pro Combat campaign. Florida will wear the uniforms, which are supposed to be almost 40 percent lighter than usual, for one game under the theme "Finish the Mission." Nine other teams are following suit, including Florida State with its "Fear the Spear" slogan and its new uniform.

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