Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get a Helmet!: The Math

Ben Volin has a good story on why the Gators, in particular Riley Cooper's, helmets keeps flying off in games. And apparently Coach Meyer has done a little investigating:

Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes lost his helmet at least twice in the nasty contest against Georgia three weeks ago. Receiver Riley Cooper has lost his helmet more than half a dozen times this season.

Florida coach Urban Meyer said Wednesday that helmet safety is a growing concern.

“I investigated myself – what the heck are these things coming off for more than ever?” Meyer said Wednesday.

What we want to know, is why Coach Meyer doesn't have his players wear helmets while riding on their scooters too? Helmet safety should be a priority on and off the field.

We're going full nerd on you here, but we hope it proves a point.

If the fastest Gators can run a 4.2/40 (it's at the very end of the video) then that is roughly 19.44 mph.

The math: 40yds/4.2secs = 9.5238 yds per sec.

9.5238 yds/1760yds = .0054 miles per sec

.0054 mps x 3600 sec/1hour = 19.44 mph

So let's assume Tebow is running 19.44 mph and Brandon Spikes hits him head on at the same speed.

The force of their impact (assuming they both weigh 240lbs) would be F= 19.44mph x 240lbs or 4665.6 lbs.

(Force = mass x acceleration)

Now let's assume Tebow is riding on his scooter doing the speed limit of 35mph, and eats the curb in an accident.

F= 35mph x 240lbs = 8400lbs.

Tebow was not running full speed ahead when he was tackled into his teammate's knee and still got a concussion wearing his helmet. What do you think will happen if he, or one of his teammates, eats the curb or street without one? Our guess, it won't be pretty.

And to illustrate the absurdity of it, tell Tebow to run into a brick wall, head first and head down, like he was trying to score a touchdown but without his helmet. He wouldn't dare do it, even with a helmet on.

Since it is well known that Coach Meyer cares for his players off the field as much as their being on the field, and we do believe that he does, how about doing the simple math and requiring them to wear a helmet on their scooters too. Because if a helmet is necessary in a sport as brutal as football, think of how much more brutal the game of life can be when it finds you unprepared. Just ask former Gator Michael Guilford.

And since we know he hasn't surfed the net since the Tennessee game, feel free to send Coach Meyer a letter, or yell at the Gators as you pass by on Univ. Ave. Just get the point across.

And don't email us momentum equations because we don't care.

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