Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gut it! Please!

We like that an Alabama paper is calling for Slive to sit Urban Meyer out, because otherwise it will only fuel the "conspiracy" that Slive and the SEC are pro-Gators. That's pretty rich coming from Alabama, unless they've completely erased all memory of Roy Kramer from their memory banks.

And who in the SEC would most profit from a Florida loss? Alabama, maybe? Didn't Kiffin's conspiracy also include the sacred Bammer cow too?

Slive has to sit Meyer or gut his own policy

It's time for Mike Slive to be less of a lawyer and more of a judge.

It's time for the SEC commissioner to shoot holes in the conspiracy theory that says the Florida Gators are sacred cows.

It's time for Slive to make an example of Urban Meyer.

Sit him down. This weekend.

Not for a half. For the whole game against Vanderbilt.

Otherwise, the new get-tough policy on coaches who cry about officiating will be worth less than Vandy bowl tickets.

Five days after the SEC office announced that reprimands are out and fines and/or suspensions are in for coaches who call out the officials, Meyer called out the officials. He said the crew that worked last weekend's Florida-Georgia game missed a late hit by a Georgia linebacker against Tim Tebow.

Full story here.

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