Friday, November 6, 2009

An Interview with Moral Victory

That's right, Moral Victory is a blog dedicated to Vanderbilt Football, and Gators First had a little Q&A with them. Here's a sample.

Moral Victory (MV): In 1996, a two-win Vanderbilt team scared the daylights out of No. 1 and eventual national champion Florida, losing 28-21. It was the closest any SEC team came to beating the Gators. Is it possible for the Commodores to come that close again on Saturday? What would have to happen?

Gators First (G1): It seemed like those Widenhoefer teams were always playing us closer than anyone else, but in those days we didn't have gameplan or a way to watch Vanderbilt play other teams, so I'm a little surprised they only won 2 games in those years. I knew they were not football juggernauts, and not going to bowl games, but they always seemed to have a decent defense. Until we hung 70 on old Woody and he was gone soon after.

(MV): Does anything scare you about this Vanderbilt team? If so, what?
(G1): Only that they'll be playing with nothing to lose. Bobby Johnson is an extremely underrated coach, in my opinion- I don't know enough about the Commodores to know exactly what went on this season- and they are capable of playing very good football. At this time last week, I was comparing our quest for a repeat to that of our basketball squad a couple years ago- in those games, every team came out of the locker room more fired up than us, and games were closer than you'd expect, or we were behind for longer than you'd expect, because we were every team's Super Bowl.

For the full Q&A, click here.

And to check out the Moral Victory blog, click on their logo above.

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