Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Killing them with Kindness

Well sort of. Here's a story on how Tebow deals with late hits and dirty plays; he asks them to help him up. We saw this during the Georgia game, and Vern Lundquist put Gary Danielson on the spot, when a Georgia player refused to give Tebow a hand. If you recorded it, you can see Tebow smiling while Danielson squirmed in his seat for a winning answer.

(We're still waiting/looking for footage of Tebow's Monday presser.)

Tebow, who says Georgia players were also guilty of dirty tactics during the game, has shrugged off the controversy. In fact, he said late hits don't bother him at all and something he's actually grown used to.

"That’s something that you don’t need to talk about,'' said Tebow, who suffered a concussion on Sept. 26 at Kentucky on a clean hit. "People, they want to do whatever they can to get an edge and that’s happened a lot in college football and it happens more than people think.

"It’s just something you deal with, and something I’ve dealt with for four years. It’s not something that I feel like I need to talk about or converse about because it’s not ... I love playing college football.''

Tebow smiled and laughed after the statement, not willing to go any farther. Meanwhile, videos were burning up the Internet the last few days as fans from both sides sound off.

"I've never retaliated,'' Tebow added. "Sometimes I'll make a joke or something or put my hand up (after a dirty hit) and ask them to help me up.

“And, you know, they're thinking, 'Why would he ask me to help him up?' Then they'll just walk away. Most of time, they never help me up. I actually think it irritates them a lot, too. But I just laugh and walk away.

"I have my teammates help me up and get ready to go play another play.

“I'll never let that get under my skin. You've got to do a lot more than that to hurt me or dim my spirits. If anything, it will just fuel me a little bit more because I know if you have to do something like that, you're already really, really, really worried.''

Does that count for "turning the other cheek"?

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