Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Locking into the greatness of a superstar athlete named Tebow

Brad Senkiw, of South Carolina's Independent Mail, reflects on seeing Tim Tebow play the South Carolina Gamecocks. Like many opposing fans, Senkiw is torn over his admiration of seeing one of the best play, but for a rival team:

There’s something about celebrities that intrigue us as normal humans. Go to a rock concert or see a movie star in public, and it’s amazing how crazy people go over famous personalities.

I’ve never really understood that, probably because it’s not too common to see big timers hanging out in South Carolina, at least not where I go.

However, last Saturday, that all changed.

It was the first and maybe only time I’ve ever had the chance to be at a game with Tim Tebow.

After South Carolina lost to Florida, I went down on the field just for the chance to see this collegiate superstar quarterback who’s rewritten the history books and defined an era. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a “Tebow fan,” which many Florida and non-Gator folks around the nation subscribe to, but I wanted to always be able to say I saw one of the greatest college football players in history.

I ended up being fascinated by the attention this guy commands. After the final whistle blew on Florida’s victory and the teams gathered for a prayer at midfield, Tebow jogged over to the Gator fan section and celebrated with other teammates and had a quick embrace with coach Urban Meyer.

Tebow then began to head down a line that started in the corner of the Florida sideline and wrapped nearly all the way around Williams-Brice Stadium with fans hoping to get a high-five from the legendary quarterback.

Tebow didn’t disappoint, taking his time celebrating with the visiting faithful mixed with a few Gamecocks. ...

I asked a friend of mine later that day if Tebow was the most popular athlete in America in any sport. He thought about it and said the Gator star was probably the most polarized.

And why is he the most polarizing? Click here for the rest of the story.

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

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