Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Obama vs. Tebow

We're not sure that we follow the logic of this article from Bama's The Crimson White, but we think Trey Irby is suggesting that President Obama be a bit more like Tim Tebow. Or are the American people supposed to be more like the Gators or the Gator Nation? You be the judge:

Tim Tebow is the most discussed player in college football. He is the quarterback and leader of the Bowl Championship Series' top-ranked team. This, despite the fact that he is “overhyped” and “overrated” according to virtually every person on the Capstone, has been espoused with ridiculous hyperbole by the media, and seems to be absurdly nice to everyone he meets.

Barack Obama is the most talked about man in the free world. He is the leader of the most talked about country in the world. This despite the fact that he has been given tremendous honors like the Nobel Peace Prize and been given the pressure to actually make a dent in the country's problems, which his critics would say he has done nothing to really change yet.

Even if Tebow leans conservative — as per the stereotype of Rascal Flatts-loving rural Christians — Tebow has a massive amount of similarities to Obama in how he has been perceived.

Except one.

Tebow has the complete trust of the Florida Gators football team. As hated as he is at the Capstone, it is hard to argue that the man is a bad quarterback or a bad leader simply because he's never going to be called that by his own team.

Obama, however, doesn't seem to have the trust of his own party. In his effort to appease everyone on health care, especially the public option, he has lost the trust of most of his constituents.

Now obviously, football and politics are two different things. And obviously, Obama has deserved criticism for not holding true to his idea of health care reform and essentially settling on something. I mean, Tebow hasn't settled. He is on the football team that is the defending national champion. Tebow's completion percentage may be lower this season and he may be on a team that has struggled to stay top-ranked, but his team has stuck by him. His coach has stuck by him.

Has America and the Democratic Party stuck by Barack Obama? You could say that our role is more diminished than Florida running back Jeffrey Demps, but a majority of the nation still elected this man.

I don't like Tim Tebow either, but the trust factor is there with his team. Can America for once trust its leader — the leader of our team?

And we can't help but like the Rascal Flatts jab. Mr. Irby must have had a run in or two in Tuscaloosa. We all know Tebow loves country music, but for the record he sings Sinatra at practice.

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