Monday, November 16, 2009

Quote of the Day 2:Take a breath and relax this week

Pat Dooley gives a little perspective in his Back Nine column:

1. We start out with the nugget that Urban Meyer is now the winningest coach in SEC history (by percentage, minimum of five years, shipping and handling extra). Put that in your pipe, Lane Kiffin. His winning percentage in SEC games is an even .800 (32-8) and on Saturday night he revealed the secret to this season. “After the Tennessee game, I quit going on the Internet,” he said. “I haven’t pushed the ‘on’ button on my computer.” Which is why we brought the Back Nine back to print this week. Just kidding. In case you were wondering, Nick Saban is at .746. Neither of those percentages include the SEC Championship Games. Add those in and Meyer is 34-8 against SEC teams. And there are only four active SEC coaches who can claim wins over Meyer — Houston Nutt, Les Miles, Steve Spurrier and Mark Richt.

2. Which is why Florida fans should be reveling in their glory instead of grousing about the offense. Think about it, peeps. You are witnessing the last games of some of the greatest Gators ever. You have won 20 straight games. Your four rivals (Georgia, FSU, Tennessee and Miami) have 16 losses this season. Does it get any better? Take a breath and relax this week.

The rest of the Nine here.

Photo: Just think of the value of this photo if the kid grows up to play for the Gators, and wins a Heisman too!

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